Live River Shrimps 100 Grams approx

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Live River Shrimp Approx. 100 Grams 200-300 Shrimp Size Dep.  suitable to feed all Marine Fish including Lionfish, Frogfish, Groupers and other predatory fish.

High in protein, your fish will enjoy chasing them as well as benefit from the high nutrient content. Feeding live river shrimp is a great way to get any of the larger freshwater or marine fish to feed

All Live river shrimp are caught and Quarantined before they are dispatched, we courier them in a poly box packed with ice pack and available for shipping Monday to Thursday.

Keeping river shrimp until you need them: To store your river shrimp you must remove the shrimp from the bag they arrived in immediately. Use an old salt bucket if you have one. River shrimp like very cold water but not freezing Or you can drain the shrimps through a net then put them in a container and freeze them , and use them as frozen food.

The salinity should be 1.008 – 1.012 Brackish water Use Marine Salt.Have plenty of air circulation and filtration in the holding vessel at all times. If no filtration is used then carry out a 50% water change every 2-3 days. Do not use water softeners of any description.You can feed them with algae pellets, tabs or flakes.

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  1. Very impressed with the delivery of live shrimp. Arrived still chilled, at 9.30am, All alive and perfect. My eels and ciclids will be well chuffed. Will be using again. THANK YOU worth the money.

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