Eliminate Green Water Or Lake full Of Fish Approx. 250 To 300 litres of Bulk Live Daphnia Delivered In Large Tank

Before                                   After            Pond is Now Clear


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Pond Full Of Greenwater ? Use Daphnia !

The Only Natural Solution to Clear Green water in ponds Daphnia are filter feeders and love Green Water

Green algae can be broken down into two main types – Greenwater, and Blanketweed. Greenwater is the term for when the water in the pond turns green.

Blanketweed is the name for the long, green, filamentous algae which attaches to the sides of the pond and can eventually spread across the water.

We can cure GreenWater With Daphnia, Live Daphnia are filter feeders which can be very beneficial in ponds and aquariums to help clear green or microalgae water.

Daphnia Will Not  Clean Blanket Weed.

This is For a Bulk Delivery Of Daphnia to your Pond or natual Swimming Pool Or Lake full of Fish

Please Get in touchwith Your Post Code to see if we can Deliver to your Area.


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